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To The Moon


Oh dear, no updates in a while.

Here's what's new:

  • I finished a game for the Fennel Game Jam. You can play it here.
  • I've got a long form blog post about breakcore I'm hoping to post this week. It's already drafted (aka I wrote a huge rant) but just needs some cleanup.
  • Been making a lot more music. Band is gearing up for some cool things.
  • I started my liver treatment (dont' know if I already mentioned this and too lazy to Ctrl+F) and though it was tiring at first I'm now feeling pretty good.
  • I'm still watching too much anime.
  • I still don't know what to work on next. Maybe some tweaks to how this site is generated.

Yeah that's about it. I'll be on here again sooooooooooooooooooon.

Still Trapped In The Shed


I should be cleaning my apartment or working on some actual programming but instead I'm here messing with my dotfiles again. Well....I better stop lol.

Might use TIC-80 for the fennel game jam instead of Love, since I have already use it and it has simpler graphics.

Trapped In The Shed


Still just screwing around. I'll do an actual worthwhile thought out post one day. Until then, just ramblings. It's how my brain works.

Currently redoing the window managers on all of my systems to try to get (somewhat) consistent control schemes. On Mac and Windows I'm using Amethyst and on Linux I'm using awesome. They are close enough and actually fairly similar out of the box (though awesome definitely has more stuff and is way more configurable). I briefly tried yabai for mac, which was very cool, but required some config, and since I only use a mac at work I wanted something I could just turn on and start using.

Fennel game jam starts in less than a week! Going to take some time this weekend to reacquaint myself with Love2d. I will make probably the most minimal game possible lol, but it'll be fun!

Liver treatment is going pretty good. A little beat the first couple nights but I think it's getting better. Fingers crossed.

Alright, I've got to go to work. C ya.

Stripped To The Bone


Site generator is going good! What do I do now?

The fennel game jam is in a week(ish) so I could prepare for that. There's also the Rei stuff I'd like to redo (possibly in fennel, though I have been wanting to write some rust lately). And of course I have a million other ideas. Focus is hard.

My band is writing new music and it sounds insane. We stopped endlessly working on individual parts and started putting stuff together and it is monstrous. I should take a page from our book for my development/life in general.

Still trying to get my shit together. Been using org mode which has been pretty great. The only problem is I still need to actually do things lol.

Starting my liver treatment today. Not looking forward to feeling like shit, hopefully it's nothing.

And there you are, that's what I'm writing today. See you next time. <3

Chairs Made of Human Skeletons


It's me again (of course). The site generator is going well, I just need to add some niceties to make it usable! Right now I'm just editing raw source to add entries. The plan is:

  • Read pages and blog entries from config files / a directory.
  • Add a cli interface.
  • Add auto uploading to neocities.
  • Parse markdown to html.

I'll just add those as I go.

Other than that I have been hella tweaking my terminal config. I've got tmux and neovim integrated and looking pretty and working good. I thought about just sticking to neovim terminals, but after using tmux, I really like the added session capabilities and the fact that I'm not locked to my text editor.

Trying to organize my life with org mode. It's going great, except for sync between phone and computer. I'm gonna go work on that now. See ya at the next one!

Stress Builds Character


Howdy it's me again. It's been a minute here's what's new.

  • Rewrote site to be generated via fennel scripts.
  • Finished this semester of grad school. Am taking the summer off to destress and debate if I should finish my degree.
  • My starters mostly died (except the peppers), so I had to buy some. Weather has been unusually cool.
  • Tweaked my dev setup to be *chef's kiss*.
  • Got my meds adjusted. I am a spazz again.

I think that sums it up? Fennel in particular is very exciting to me. If you read my previous posts, you'll see that I was really trying to find a practical lisp. Fennel, while not as pure as scheme, looks to be easy to use and practical everywhere. In particular, I may try using it for some javascript via Fengari. The fact that my terminal emulator, WezTerm , and my text editor can be configured in it is nice as well. I will be participating in the upcoming Fennel Game Jam in an effort to be more social with my coding. I might also work on some open source contributions this summer.

As usual, I am now late for work. I'll have more to say in updated posts. I might experiment with a more long form one soon.


Any way the wind blows


Uhhh, quick post cuz I'm late starting work lol.

Had trouble getting tooling working with Chez, couldn't find what I wanted on Akku. so, I'm going to stick to chicken since I'm pretty cofy there. Will probably still rewrite Rei, but maybe just in Rust.

Also just had a decent time working with Fennel very briefly. Might try using this for something. It's not scheme, but it's a lisp at least. Just not sure how good Lua is for stuff outside of game scripting (the only place I've used it). Let's find out.

Been thinking of automating some of the page building, maybe I can use it to do that.

That's it, I'm late! See ya.

Well that was stressful


Wasn't able to work on this for a while, work and school got crazy hectic. I think it's slightly better now, but I've still got to log on to work today and find out (X_X).

Coming back to it, I'm not sure what I'm trying to do here. Might chill on the js for a while. If I come back to it, probably won't be using lips.

I spent some time this weekend writing some real Scheme and it was very refreshing. I've almost got my uxn assembler ready to go! Just need to write some example roms in it. If I have time, I'll be rewriting some of the example roms for it in my assembler. It's in chicken right now, but I might end up porting it to chez. I found akku this weekend, and I want to try using it going forth. R6rs seems like a better standard anyways imo. I get why it was so divisive, but as a new user coming to the language, it seems like a good thing.

After that's wrapped up, I might rewrite rei in Scheme just to see how that goes.

If you want to checkout the assembler so far, it's available right here .

That's it for now. C ya later.

More Stuff


Continuing on with lips for now, it's pretty nice. The thought of it being an interpreter running on top of another interpreter makes my skin crawl, but I guess it's the price you pay for easy in-page writing.

Updated welcome and music sections. Not much else to say. Gotta get started on real work (boooooooo). See ya later.



So, BiwaScheme was working, but there were a few things I didn't like. For one, interacting with plain Javascript (a necessity since I'm mostly doing DOM stuff) felt a little clumsy. So, I kept looking for alternatives again.

What I found was LIPS. This looks like it has much better integration for calling regular Javascript. Played with it a bit this morning, and so far it seems pretty good. My only problem is the dot notation hell. I might need to start a little slower and just write some play code to see how this system works. Overall, I'm still not satisfied though.

Maybe a compiled system is what I need. Clojurescript is probably the most mature option, so maybe I should check that out. Chibi scheme also has a JS target, and it uses a bytecode interpreter, so that might be a good option to check out as well.

For now, I'm sticking with LIPS, but I'll probably end up switching before the week is out. I also want to get back to my assembler I was writing for the uxn virtual machine. The idea is to make an assembler first, and then slowly grow a language around it. Since it's all in Scheme, most of the hard work of parsing and such is removed. I'll post up a link when I clean it up a bit.

That's it for now. See ya soooooooon.

Canvas and BiwaScheme


Not much today. Starting to write wrappers for canvas in BiwaScheme.

Doctor's appointment later today. Happy I can get some help.

That's it. I'm on a time crunch. More canvas tomorrow, then more sections.

Playing With BiwaScheme


So, I haven't written javascript in well over a decade and I can't stand the thought of having to touch that language again. Since I'm trying to play with webdev again via this site, however, I need to touch it in some respect. Lame.

So, I started searching for a lisp that compiles to javascript. Ideally, it would be a lisp-1 and not require too much javascript knowledge. I found three contenders.

I ended up selecting BiwaScheme for now, simply because I could drop it into this page and start coding. Of the other two, clojurescript looks promising but I don't think I need all of that yet.

My plan is to organically grow this single page into whatever it is going to be. I don't want to think about the end result, or worry too much about how professional things are. I just want to have fun programming, and maybe meet some likeminded folks. Programming professionally can really suck the joy out of things. I want to put it back in.

That's all for today. Gonna play more iwth BiwaScheme tomorrow, maybe try to fix the title at the top and make it do something. See ya.

I don't have much to say really. I'll be dumping my thoughts here.