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a b o u t

I'm micklemeal. I'm a software engineer and musician living in Baltimore, Maryland. This site is to post up things I'm doing and play with the internet.

This site is, and always will be, under construction.


p r o j e c t s

Programming projects I'm working on/contributing to.

Languages/areas of interest: C/C++, Lisp/Scheme, Elixir, Zig, Rust, Lua, Forth, Retro Assembly (6502/Z80), Embedded Systems, Compilers, Electronics

Currently employed as a firmware engineer.

I'll post more here as I actually finish something (grad school will wreck your free time).


A stack based virtual machine inspired by uxn and written in Rust.


m u s i c

Euclid C Finder: 2017-Present

Current band. Started as a solo project by me in 2017. We play pretty fast and I yell a lot.

Egarra: 2015-2016

Previous band. Only lasted about a year (of course).

Neck First: 2012-2014

I joined this band of strangers and made some good friends. Sean is currently in Euclid C Finder. I took less of a writing role in this than any of my other bands, and the music was truly challenging.

Mherdad: 2011-2013

My breakcore project. This was fun to make, but I don't jive with the rave scene, and after a while that level of drum programming wears on you. I've been meaning to make some electronic music again, but it'll probably be less involved than this if I do.

Kiss The Sky Goodbye: 2008-2009

We literally practiced everyday and played shows every week. It was intense. But of course, it fell apart. I like these songs, but I think ECF is closer to what I want to do. Jon is a sweetheart though.

I'd Rather Be: 2006-2008

Metalcore band that was so fun to play in. Classic two steps and breakdowns with melodic death metal riffs. Wish I had the recordings still.

A Day In October: 2005-2006

Pop punk band I played in during high school. It was fun, but not my kind of music. First experiences playing shows, recording, and actually being in a band (and having friends) were here. We played the county's battle of the bands in 2005. I won't post the recordings :-P.


b l o g

My thoughts on things. Also see the archive .

Still Trapped In The Shed


I should be cleaning my apartment or working on some actual programming but instead I'm here messing with my dotfiles again. Well....I better stop lol.

Might use TIC-80 for the fennel game jam instead of Love, since I have already use it and it has simpler graphics.

Trapped In The Shed


Still just screwing around. I'll do an actual worthwhile thought out post one day. Until then, just ramblings. It's how my brain works.

Currently redoing the window managers on all of my systems to try to get (somewhat) consistent control schemes. On Mac and Windows I'm using Amethyst and on Linux I'm using awesome. They are close enough and actually fairly similar out of the box (though awesome definitely has more stuff and is way more configurable). I briefly tried yabai for mac, which was very cool, but required some config, and since I only use a mac at work I wanted something I could just turn on and start using.

Fennel game jam starts in less than a week! Going to take some time this weekend to reacquaint myself with Love2d. I will make probably the most minimal game possible lol, but it'll be fun!

Liver treatment is going pretty good. A little beat the first couple nights but I think it's getting better. Fingers crossed.

Alright, I've got to go to work. C ya.

Stripped To The Bone


Site generator is going good! What do I do now?

The fennel game jam is in a week(ish) so I could prepare for that. There's also the Rei stuff I'd like to redo (possibly in fennel, though I have been wanting to write some rust lately). And of course I have a million other ideas. Focus is hard.

My band is writing new music and it sounds insane. We stopped endlessly working on individual parts and started putting stuff together and it is monstrous. I should take a page from our book for my development/life in general.

Still trying to get my shit together. Been using org mode which has been pretty great. The only problem is I still need to actually do things lol.

Starting my liver treatment today. Not looking forward to feeling like shit, hopefully it's nothing.

And there you are, that's what I'm writing today. See you next time. <3

Chairs Made of Human Skeletons


It's me again (of course). The site generator is going well, I just need to add some niceties to make it usable! Right now I'm just editing raw source to add entries. The plan is:

  • Read pages and blog entries from config files / a directory.
  • Add a cli interface.
  • Add auto uploading to neocities.
  • Parse markdown to html.

I'll just add those as I go.

Other than that I have been hella tweaking my terminal config. I've got tmux and neovim integrated and looking pretty and working good. I thought about just sticking to neovim terminals, but after using tmux, I really like the added session capabilities and the fact that I'm not locked to my text editor.

Trying to organize my life with org mode. It's going great, except for sync between phone and computer. I'm gonna go work on that now. See ya at the next one!

Stress Builds Character


Howdy it's me again. It's been a minute here's what's new.

  • Rewrote site to be generated via fennel scripts.
  • Finished this semester of grad school. Am taking the summer off to destress and debate if I should finish my degree.
  • My starters mostly died (except the peppers), so I had to buy some. Weather has been unusually cool.
  • Tweaked my dev setup to be *chef's kiss*.
  • Got my meds adjusted. I am a spazz again.

I think that sums it up? Fennel in particular is very exciting to me. If you read my previous posts, you'll see that I was really trying to find a practical lisp. Fennel, while not as pure as scheme, looks to be easy to use and practical everywhere. In particular, I may try using it for some javascript via Fengari. The fact that my terminal emulator, WezTerm , and my text editor can be configured in it is nice as well. I will be participating in the upcoming Fennel Game Jam in an effort to be more social with my coding. I might also work on some open source contributions this summer.

As usual, I am now late for work. I'll have more to say in updated posts. I might experiment with a more long form one soon.



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